COVID-19 / Coronavirus 


Because of the coronavirus we have taken extra precautions for your safety and for that of our employees. We kindly request your cooperation as a customer. The following precautions are in place:


  • We follow all guidelines set by the RIVM (the Dutch institute for health and safety) and have taken extra precautions together with our medical students.
  • We have installed an extra washing facility: every mover is obliged to wash his hands before entering our building. The movers will arrive at your place with clean hands.
  • We measure the body temperature of our employees before they are allowed to work.
  • In the event of an increase in temperature, a cold, a cough and/or other symptoms indicated by the RIVM, employees will be sent home immediately.
  • Our movers will not shake hands and will keep an appropriate distance from the customer.

We kindly request your cooperation regarding the following precautions. Please read these thoroughly:

  • We ask you, the customer, to cooperate with this by also staying at an appropriate distance of 1.5 meter from the movers at all times.
  • Due to these precautions it is currently not possible to ride along with the movers in the moving truck.
  • Payment must be made by pin (debit card). Our movers have wireless ATMs, which are disinfected before and after every move.
  • Wash your hands well before, during, and after the move!
  • The usage of mattress covers is mandatory. You can order these online, or pick them up at our headquarters.
  • All items that are able to fit in a moving box will have to be put in a moving box before we can move them for you.