When you move, we always provide sufficient moving blankets and straps, so you don’t have to arrange these yourself.

Update December 14, 2020:
Due to the announced lockdown, it is no longer possible to pick up or return packing materials at our warehouse until further notice. You can order your packing materials via our order form . Unfortunately, the materials can only be returned after the lockdown has ended.Rent or buy your moving boxes at Student Verhuis Service

We can deliver all packing materials to your home for only €35,- (excl. fuel costs).

If you’re planning your removal, we advise you to order packing materials as soon as possible.
Whether you are moving with Student Verhuis Service or not, moving boxes can always be bought or rented from us.


We can deliver or pick up packing materials on week days between 9.00 and 19.00 o’clock for €35,- (excl. fuel costs) within Amsterdam.
When you need packing materials delivered outside of Amsterdam you will be charged €35,- per hour for the time the mover is on the way (excl. fuel costs). A minimum of one hour is always charged.

If you rent moving boxes, you will receive your deposit back after the condition of the boxes has been checked.

You can suggest a delivery time yourself, please be aware that we deliver within a time frame of two hours.

Having your moving boxes picked up by us

When you wish your move boxes to be picked up by us, please reply via e-mail to our original order confirmation, in this way we have all necessary information to schedule an appointment. Please also write down the preferred date, time, and location you wish the boxed to be picked up at. Order your moving boxes in Amsterdam at Studentverhuisservice.nl.

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