As your age increases, it may be nice to exchange your large house for a more compact senior home. A home where everything is on one level is much more comfortable and safer as you get older. A senior relocation move is in many ways similar to other moves, but there are some differences.

Where we used to be active as removal company Amsterdam, we now carry out removals nationwide. For example, we are often employed as removal company Rotterdam or removal company Haarlem. As a professional moving company, we have specialised in moving senior citizens in recent years. Therefore, we carry out several senior citizens removals per week throughout the country.

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Selection of contents

If you are moving to a senior citizens’ home, there is a big chance that you will not take all your household effects with you from your old home. After all, the old home is often a larger house with several floors.

It is therefore important to make a selection of the household effects that will be taken to your new home. The easiest thing to do is to do this yourself. After all, you know best what needs to be moved to the new house.

Our experience is that it is good to start in time. If on the day of the move you still have to think about what should and should not be taken to the senior citizen’s home, there is a big chance that too many things will be moved along.

If you know what has to be moved and what does not, then the contents can be sorted. If necessary, this can be done with the help of moving boxes that are marked.


Storage after a senior moving

Some of the possessions that are not moving with you can be thrown away or taken to a charity shop. Other belongings are often divided among children, friends and family. But there are also many possessions that do not yet have a definitive destination.

Student Moving Service therefore offers the possibility to store possessions for a certain or indefinite period of time. Think of couches and cupboards, but also of smaller possessions. We would like to discuss the possibilities of storing your possessions in person because the extent of the storage varies from case to case.

House clearance after death

It is also possible that a house needs to be cleared after the death of an elderly person. In case of a house clearance we often have to deal with a large amount of household effects for which there is no destination yet.

Call in Student Moving Service for your clearance. We clear the house discreetly and respectfully and, if desired, deliver the household effects at various locations with the removal van. In addition, there is also a possibility to have debris removed by us to the dump.

Professional removal of your belongings

During a senior citizens’ move, several addresses will often have to be visited in order to get all the belongings to the right place. Efficiency is therefore of great importance during a senior citizens’ move. Because we as a removal company are specialised in moving seniors, we know how to deal with this. With the help of professional planning software and common sense, we can keep the number of moves to a minimum.

Moreover, our movers are well-trained movers and can therefore safely move your household effects. They often work together as a removal team and therefore know exactly what they have in common.

They always check first what needs to be moved and what is the most convenient way of dividing the work into sections. Often two men will do the heavy work with the cupboards, washing machine, refrigerator and other large furniture. In the meantime, the other employees will start moving the boxes.

If you have packed the boxes yourself, it is important that you use quality boxes. We can give advice by telephone about moving boxes and about all other matters which are involved in a senior citizens removal. At Student Moving Service you can rent and buy moving boxes. Our moving boxes are of high quality so that your household contents can be moved with great care.

Moving to the city or the countryside

As a professional removal company we are active with senior citizens removals on a daily basis. Often the distances between the houses are quite small. But the number of removals in the city or in the countryside does not differ much.

We have the equipment to handle all senior citizens removals. We often use a moving lift because the move is often to a higher floor.

Whether you are looking for a removal company in Almere to move you from the city centre of Almere to Huizen, whether you want to hire a removal company in Heemskerk for your move to Gouda or whether you want to contact a removal company in Utrecht because you are moving within Utrecht: we can help you with every senior move!


Costs of a senior move

The costs of every senior citizens move are different. For example, the costs depend on the distance between the locations. This can be 2 houses, but also a house and a storage location. It also depends on the size of the household effects and the floor from which and to which the move needs to be made. You can reduce the costs of a move by Student Moving Service by making a contribution yourself.

Would you like to know what we can do for you in the case of a senior citizens move and what the senior citizens removal will cost you? Then use the quotation request form without any obligations. Because we move very efficiently, we are often one of the cheapest moving companies. Curious to find out if this also applies to you? Then request a quotation without any obligations!

Calculate immediately how much your move will cost
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