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At Student Verhuis Service you can not only move in all sorts and sizes, but also rent a moving van. We have a very extensive fleet of well-equipped removal vans. Would you like to hire a removal van? Contact Student Verhuis Service!


Rates of our removal vans per hour

Renting a normal moving van gives you a loading space of 20m3, renting an XL moving van gives you a loading space of 25m3.

Please note that you always rent a removal van with driver when you rent a removal van from us. The driver is a mover who not only drives the moving van, but also helps you move your belongings. This also applies when you hire a removal lift from us: you also hire a mover who operates the removal lift for you.

At Student Verhuis Service we charge the following rates for the rental of our moving vans:

Our attractive rates

Mover: €32,50 /h
Handyman: €40,-/h
Moving van: €35,-/h
Moving lift: €30,-/h
Fuel: €0,94/km
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Renting a moving van

We have a very large fleet. Our moving vans are not always in use. The vans that are not in use, you can therefore also rent ‘loosely’ from Student Verhuis Service, without letting us handle your move. Please note that renting a moving van from Student Verhuis Service means that you will not drive the van yourself. You always hire a driver from Student Verhuis Service with the moving van.

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Cheap moving van hire

Although we are first and foremost a removal company, we are becoming increasingly well-known and popular as a company where cheap moving van hire is very easy, quick and flexible. Where removal vans at car rental companies are rented out long beforehand on popular removal days such as Friday and Saturday, at Student Verhuis Service you never miss the boat because of the size of our fleet.


Hiring a moving van from Student Verhuis Service: where do you need your moving van?

Wherever you move from or to, Student Verhuis Service is ready for you. We operate nationwide and are centrally located as moving company Amsterdam. For many major cities in the Netherlands (and their immediate surroundings) it is therefore true that renting a removal van from Student Verhuis Service is very cheap compared to other providers

What exactly do you need for your move?

Hiring a moving van can be done in different ways. At Student Verhuis Service we have cast our moving van service in a flexible form: you decide which form of moving van hire best suits your move or transport. Read more about the ways you can rent a removal van from Student Verhuis Service below.

Renting a removal van with driver

Hiring a moving van from Student Verhuis Service always means hiring a moving van with driver. The driver that you rent with your moving van is not only a driver, but is also a professional mover. He also likes to help you with the lugging and the safe transport of your furniture or household contents.

Hire a moving van with trailer

An extra cheap moving option is to move larger household effects not by hiring two moving vans or by driving back and forth twice with a moving van, but by hiring a trailer with the moving van.

Hire a moving van with lift

Would you like to hire a removal van as well as a removal lift? At Student Verhuis Service you can not only hire a removal van but also a removal lift. A removal lift always includes an operator at Student Verhuis Service. This operator is also a mover and helps you move your things quickly and safely with the help of the moving lift.

Renting a moving van without a deposit

We don’t ask a deposit for our removal vans. You can hire our removal vans from us without a deposit because we always send our own driver with every hired removal van.

Cheap moving van hire at weekends, in the evenings and on public holidays

Where other companies often only hire their removal vans on normal working days, Student Verhuis Service’s removal vans are also available in the evening, on weekends and on public holidays. With us there are no limiting opening hours when you have to return the keys: the choice of when you need a removal van is yours. Is it at night? No problem at all. On Sunday? We are ready for you. We are also available on public holidays and you can hire a removal van from us.

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