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Call Out Charge

Within Amsterdam we charge a maximum of 30 minutes for both the driving time and driving back time. Outside these areas we charge the actual driving time and driving back time from our home base in Amsterdam.


Our movers are experienced experts. Providing you with a professional, reliable service for a student price can only be achieved by training students to be competent professionals. Our movers will coordinate and see your house movement through from the beginning until the end. They are aware of all laws that apply to moving and are responsible for a damage and incident-free moval.

Moving Vans

Our moving vans have a loading capacity of 20m3. We also have XL-vans with a loading capacity of 25m3. They also come equiped with all the essential moving equipment and materials to make sure your none of your goods get damaged whilst moving house.

Equipment :

  1. Furniture and moving blankets
  2. Tie down traps
  3. Various Tools

The customer is responsible for any necessary parking arrangements that have to be made.


We have different trailers with different loading spaces. Our competitors make use of huge, expensive moving trucks or take two trips to move your items. Student Moving Service is one of the only moving companies that uses trailers. This we we can usually move all of your belongings in one go, saving you money and time. The usage of a trailer also saves time loading and unloading your belongings.

Moving lifts

We use moving lifts that are 18 meters high. This ensures we can reach the 5th floor of any house, office or building with ease.

We charge € 30- per hour for use of our moving lift. The minimum charge for the moving elevator is 3 hours.

If you only wish to rent the moving lift (and not use our moving service), you are still obliged to hire at least one mover who is responsible for transporting and operating the lift. The client is responsible for ensuring sufficient space for the usage of the moving lift and/or a permit if needed. In consultation it is also possible for us to acquire said permit(s) in your name.

Fuel Charge

€ 0.94 per kilometre. We charge from the moment our movers depart at our depot in Amsterdam-South until they return.

Moving in Europe

We don’t maintain fixed rates for international movals but instead make estimations per case. Please contact us for more information on moving internationally or take a look at our page about moving within Europe.


We can also deliver dedicated project movers to help you with various activities such as big project moves, demolishing, carrying items internally etc.

You can also hire projectmovers with moving material:

  1. Rope & pulley á € 20,- per day
  2. Moving lift € 30,- per hour
  3. Roling material as of € 5,- per hour
  4. Blankets and other moving material


When you need help with (dis)assembly of your items we can be of service with a professional handyman. A handyman can for example help you disassemble and reassemble any items, disconnect and remove lights, remove curtains, disconnect washing machines etc.

Minimum (charged) hours:

For alle our services, we charge a minimum of 3 hours.

Other Transport

We can deliver a variety of transport for you:

  1. Furniture transport (bought items at marktplaats)
  2. Motor transport
  3. Scooter transport
  4. Demolition material/debris transport to waste disposal
  5. Big amount of packages

We transport a lot more. From within Amsterdam to the whole of the Netherlands and Europe.

For an estimation or questions about transports you can mail us at: info@studentverhuisservice.nl

All prices include insurance and exclude BTW-tax