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That the method of Student Moving Service is successful has not gone unnoticed. Many competitors are making an attempt to imitate this. Yet one thing must be clear: Student Moving Service is the only one. Countless years of experience and satisfied customers. Read our story here!

In the beginning: with a trailer.

A student, a Peugeot 106 and a trailer – that’s how this removal company started in 2008. Through an advertisement on Marktplaats, the student, his car and trailer could be hired to transport furniture. When the orders kept coming in, the Peugeot was exchanged for a Ford Transit and on 1 April 2009 an official registration was made at the Chamber of Commerce: Student Moving Service was born. After that, things moved quickly. Due to increasing demand, a second bus was purchased and the number of employees was increased.


After 3 years? Growing fast!

By the spring of 2011, Student Verhuis Service had twenty employees and it was time for a new step. The company moved into its own warehouse in the Havenstraat. Growth continued and in 2014 the company moved to its current location at the H.J.E. Wenckebachweg. After a period of upscaling and professionalization Student Moving Service is now the largest moving company in Amsterdam. What started as a structure of friends, grew into a professional organization with an exceptional position.


"Student Verhuis Service? I have moved to Amsterdam 6 times now. And every time they deliver a top performance. It's just quickly and without fuss arranged. And because of the quote you know in advance where you stand. Just great!"

– Erik van Wesselburg


Student Verhuis Service is the first moving company that decided to work by the hour instead of by the whole job. This way, customers get a tailor-made package, whereby they can fill in their move themselves, based on their budget and wishes.

Those with little money can choose to prepare the move themselves and only hire a mover with a van. However, it is also possible to outsource everything, from disassembling and packing to loading and unloading the household contents.

We give our customers complete freedom to organise their move together with our professional look. Read more about how a move works here.



Flexible times and forces

Traditionally, the removal market has many peaks and troughs. Everyone wants to move around the turn of the month, on days off and in the weekend. That is why Student Moving Service introduced working with flexible workers. This way the large fluctuations in demand can be absorbed and we can move at a time that suits the customer best – even if that is outside office hours. Also within 24 hours!

Hi-tech moving company

Also unique in the moving world is the innovative way in which Student Moving Service has managed to digitise and automate its services. In contrast to other removal companies, it is not necessary to send a mover to make an inventory of the contents.


Calculate costs online

Via our request form, complete household effects can be entered in no time at all. Our self-created algorithm then starts to work on it and produces an accurate estimate of cubic metres and estimated removal time. Based on this data, a price is calculated immediately.


Well organised: just a quick response

Of course, every request is checked by a removal company before a job is definitively scheduled. In addition to the price indication, you will also be contacted by a specialist. He will briefly go through your wishes and make sure that everything is in tip-top order.

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Thanks to a large and flexible team, spacious removal vans and the right technology, arranging a removal is as easy as booking a hotel.

aanvraag student verhuis service

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