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Groningen is a beautiful city in the North of the country to live and recreate in. Nevertheless, a move can cause some moving stress. For those who want to avoid this stress, Student Moving Service’s moving service comes in handy. Since October 2022, Student Moving Service has opened a location in Groningen from which we serve the entire region.

The movers of Student Moving Service know how to move your belongings from, to or within Groningen in no time.


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Affordable moving in the Groningen region

Our moving assistance consists of young enthusiastic employees with student backgrounds . They excel at working hard, but also smartly. As a client, you notice this not only in the price, but also in the time it takes to manage your move. Service and flexibility are highly valued at Student Moving Service and are the core principles for our moving company. We fully understand that you do not like unpleasant surprises afterwards and therefore our price calculator ensures that you get the most realistic picture of the cost of your move.

Quick and efficient handling of your move

To ensure that your move goes smoothly, we have trained all of our movers internally. This way, we always deliver the right quality. Thanks to our years of experience in the moving industry, we know what is involved in moving to your new home. For the movers of Student Moving Service, packing and unpacking moving boxes is a piece of cake, and you will notice that in the speed at which they get to work. If the move is urgent, an urgent move in Groningen is possible. Check out our rates or request a customized quote below.

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What services do we provide?

Student Moving Service can be used for private removals, but also for a business removal.

Some of the services we provide in Groningen:

Moving assistance or complete outsourcing?

Whether you outsource your move completely or only engage the physical moving assistance of the movers of Student Moving Service for your upcoming move in Groningen. You are the director of your own move and easily determine online to what extent our movers will support you during the move. If you want a completely carefree move without having to pack or unpack yourself, choose a full-service move.

Our moving company was set up in Amsterdam, however since 2022 we have also been able to open a location in Groningen. Thus, we realize daily dozens of removals throughout the Groningen region.

In addition, we always actively think along with the move. For example, we often see that in a senior relocation, not all the contents can go with the new home. That is why we offer a storage facility where we store this furniture. Feel free to contact us for this whenever you want. Some examples of our services are:

  • (De) assembling furniture and connecting white goods
  • Evictions of homes or businesses
  • Transportation of scooters, motorcycles
  • Moving of large furniture such as refrigerator, piano or heavy table
  • Renting and using a moving elevator for your home on high floors
  • Moving your possessions in the Netherlands or Europe

So we offer a complete service and you can always turn to us for the cheapest and best moving service in Groningen.

Moving in Groningen with Student Verhuis Service

Whether you are planning to move to Groningen or to leave Groningen, thanks to Student Moving Service you can have a professional moving service at economical rates.

The advantages of moving with Student Moving Service:

  • One of the most advantageous moving services in the Netherlands.
  • Flexible moving 7 days a week.
  • Experienced mover from Amsterdam, but active in Groningen and the rest of the Netherlands. We have already moved 100,000 satisfied customers.

Why people choose Student Verhuis Service

Over 100,000 satisfied customers from 23+ countries
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Safe and insured moving up to €2,500,000
The best price/quality ratio for 14 years
40 spacious and clean moving vans
Certified and highly skilled movers
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