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Anyone who has experienced a removal up close can confirm that moving is a job in itself.  The art of moving is in moving as efficiently as possible with the entire contents. For those who outsource the entire moving process with a full-service move, there is no need to worry about the efficiency of packing boxes.

With a full-service move from Student Moving Service, you will have:

Moving completely outsourced
Packing in the safe hands of experienced movers
No physical complaints after a day of packing and unpacking moving boxes

What is a full-service removal

Those who prefer to be unburdened during the move, choose a full-service move from Student Moving Service.  The movers will pack your valuable belongings for you, transport them and ensure that they are placed in the right place in the new home. For Student Moving Service, a full-service move is about relieving the client of all his worries, from the first moving box to putting the last chair at the dining table in the new home.

If you opt for a full-service removal, you outsource all moving activities to Student Moving Service. We arrange your entire move and its preparation. For example, we will carry out the following tasks, depending on your requirements for the move:

  • Packing your household effects securely and safely in advance
  • Dismantling furniture and packing it for transport
  • Leaving your old home swept clean
  • Deliver household goods that you no longer need to a charity shop
  • Removal of rubble and bulky waste
  • Reassembling your furniture and placing it in your new home

Why people choose Student Verhuis Service

Over 100,000 satisfied customers from 23+ countries
Rated with 4.8 stars out of 6300+ reviews
Safe and insured moving up to €2,500,000
The best price/quality ratio for 14 years
40 spacious and clean moving vans
Certified and highly skilled movers

Advantages of a full-service removal

A full-service removal is convenient because it saves you from having to lift, pack and load yourself. Other advantages of a full-service removal are:

No messing around with moving boxes and packing

The movers of Student Moving Service pack the household effects carefully and efficiently and ensure that they are unpacked and placed in the right place in your new home.

No driving back and forth from old home to new home

Thanks to the years of experience of our team of movers, your household effects are packed in no time and no cubic metres are lost in transit. This allows moving without having to drive up and down between homes.

Moving without any worries for a student price

Student Moving Service offers the cheapest removals in the Netherlands. This also applies to our full-service removals.

Student Removal Service: removal company for any type of move

Student Removal Service has years of experience with a wide range of removals. You can contact us not only for a handyman, but also for your

You can also get other removal services from us. For example:

A price indication within 5 minutes
The same day a free tailor-made quotation
Choose your discount up to 30%

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