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Are you planning to move to, from or within The Hague? Student Verhuis Service is a removal company in The Hague that will be happy to assist you!

We carry out removals in and around The Hague on a daily basis. Our moving service staff will be happy to help you with small moves, but also with large moves and business relocations in The Hague. We stand for professional and fast removals and make sure that each move, large or small, is a success.

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Quality removals by moving service The Hague

Removal company Student Verhuis Service offers very affordable moving services. In fact, if Student Verhuis Service handles your move, the cost can be dozens of percentages lower compared to what our direct competitors charge. Yet, quality always comes first at our removal company The Hague.

We are a professional, well-established removal company and therefore make no concessions when it comes to the quality of our removal equipment. All our furniture elevators are safe and our moving vans all have a large capacity, which means that we can also move furniture that is difficult to transport, even in the narrowest streets of The Hague.

At the same time, we are working on improving the performance of our staff every day. Our employees receive extensive training on the work procedures of Student Verhuis Service. This means that before they start the actual removal work, they are already familiar with many situations.

This combination of skilled employees and professional removal equipment ensures that we can safely and quickly move your belongings in, to or from The Hague!

Moving professionals in Den Haag

We provide moving services in and around The Hague, as well as in the rest of the Netherlands and Europe: we work as a moving company in Rotterdammoving company in Utrecht and as a moving company in Amsterdam.

From big cities such as Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Utrecht, to municipalities in the immediate vicinity of The Hague, such as Capelle aan den IJssel, Voorburg and Delft.

We have all the expertise to help you move seamlessly within The Hague (and elsewhere). We know the best routes in the city. If required, we will use a compact van, so that we can ensure that even in the middle of the busy city centre, or in other specific places, your move will be a smooth one.

We are also at your service for hassle-free international removals. Our moving service in The Hague is available for international removals to for instance Germany, Belgium and France. If you’re looking for an affordable moving service, you have come to the right place. We also don’t shy away from taking on challenging projects.

Are you planning to move just outside of The Hague to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city? Perhaps you are looking for a removal company Rijswijk for your move to Rijswijk. This will enable you to live close to a big city, but not in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

Find out what your move will cost

Would you like to receive an estimate right away of the cost of your move in The Hague? Fill in our interactive request form.

You will instantly receive an indication of how long the move will take and what your move will roughly cost. You can then compare this information with other moving services in The Hague. After receiving the request form, one of our employees will personally check it.

For all removals, in or outside The Hague, you will always receive a no-obligation custom quote the very same day.

Why people choose Student Verhuis Service

Over 100,000 satisfied customers from 23+ countries
Rated with 4.8 stars out of 6300+ reviews
Safe and insured moving up to €2,500,000
The best price/quality ratio for 14 years
40 spacious and clean moving vans
Certified and highly skilled movers

Your moving service The Hague with professional removal equipment

As a well-established removal company The Hague, we highly value professionalism. That’s why we only work with high-quality removal equipment. We work a lot with furniture elevators (see also the page Rent a furniture elevator The Hague), spacious moving vans and high-quality removal materials, such as removal boxes.

With the furniture elevators, we can safely move your belongings vertically up to the fifth floor. This certainly comes in handy when you are moving in a big city like The Hague. Because of our removal equipment, we can handle your move to or from The Hague quickly as well as safely and inexpensively.

Our removal boxes and removal blankets are all made of high-quality materials. This way we minimise the risk of damage to your belongings.

Why our moving services are very affordable

Professional moving services are often expensive. This is mainly due to the amount of labour required: just as with home renovations, the labour is usually what makes moving expensive.

Student Verhuis Service has found a few ways to offer professional moving services at a student price:

  • Well-trained movers: our movers are well-trained, which means they always know what they are doing and do not waste any time during the job.
  • Students as moving staff: many of our movers are students. Students are flexible, learn fast and work hard for their money. By employing students together with professional movers, we can optimise the work processes and keep the costs down.
  • Trailers: we regularly use trailers behind our moving vans. A trailer is more affordable to buy and its use is more cost-effective than a moving van. By hitching trailers to our moving vans, we can effectively reduce the cost of many removals.
  • The option to join in the removal work: if you choose Student Verhuis Service, you can help with the move yourself. This will save you money, as less professional movers are required. Are your friends or family joining in the work as well? This will reduce the costs even further.
  • Precise planning: by making an accurate estimate of the requirements for your move and planning everything in detail, we can work quickly on the day of the move itself. This saves time and therefore money.

Moving services by an experienced removal company in the Hague

Removal company Student Verhuis Service has extensive experience with relocations in The Hague, but also far beyond the city. As a removal company, we have carried out many international removals. Our experience and expertise guarantees that your move will be smooth and hassle-free.

The movers who will handle your move in The Hague or the surrounding area, know how to move even the most difficult furniture. They know how to use a furniture elevator or, simply, a pulley. Most importantly, they have the skills to move your belongings safely, preventing damage to your furniture.

Whether you plan to move to Schilderswijk, Stationsbuurt, Morgenstond or Hoornwijck: our movers know the streets, canals and buildings of The Hague all too well. Even in the narrowest and most inaccessible houses in The Hague, we have successfully carried out damage-free removals.

A reliable removal company that can pull this off doesn’t have to be expensive. We are currently the cheapest removal company in The Hague and the surrounding area.

Cheap removal company The Hague

Do you want to move to The Hague inexpensively, or are you looking for a removal company to move your belongings to a new location professionally and affordably? For example as a removal company in Rotterdammoving service in Leiden or as a moving company in Haarlem? Or are you planning to move from Amsterdam to The Hague and looking for a removal company in Amsterdam? At Student Verhuis Service it’s all possible and it’s all very affordable. After all, we call ourselves the cheapest removal company in the Netherlands for a reason.

The extent to which you want our professional removal company to handle your move is entirely up to you. This means that with us, you can be in control of the price of your move. You can reduce the price of your move by helping with the move, and perhaps recruiting some friends and family. However, it’s also possible to have your move carried out from A to Z by our student movers. And even then we almost always come out cheapest.

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