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Are you planning to move to or from the Rotterdam area? In that case, choose Student Verhuis Service as your removal company Rotterdam.

When you use the services of our removal company, you can be certain that your move in Rotterdam and surroundings will be fast, professional, and above all cheap.

Curious about how much your move in Rotterdam will cost with our removal company? Use our interactive request form to calculate the cost of your move! With one push on the button you can turn the calculation into a no-obligation quotation request. Our staff at will then be in touch with you.

With our interactive request form, you will immediately see an estimate of the cost of your move.
You will receive a non-binding quotation the same day with a human estimate and any explanations.
Choose up to 30% discount on your moving day

Cheap removal company Rotterdam and surroundings

Are you looking for a cheap moving service Rotterdam to move to Rotterdam or from the port city to another area? As a professional removal company, we carry out daily removals in and around the port city. Each time we move someone, we make sure that the moving process is quick and smooth, of course after thorough preparation and based on various smart solutions.

We can move your piano, help you move your waterbed or a van full of your belongings, and we can even move you across borders.

As removal company Rotterdam, we’ve been in business for many years and know the city well because of the many moving services we have provided. During these years we have helped countless individuals and companies move in the area of Rotterdam.

Thanks to our efficiency, we are able to provide cheap removal services, without having to compromise on quality.

Do you want to move to or from Rotterdam from or to another country, such as Germany, Belgium or France? We also carry out international removals and, as a removal company, know all the rules and guidelines that apply to cross-border moves.

Moving service Rotterdam: costs and options for your move

Because we clearly communicate the rates of our removal services, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises and always know what to expect. For all types of removals, we provide insight into the moving costs in the following 2 ways:

  • The hourly rates for our services are clearly indicated on the website.
  • Our handy interactive, no-obligation request form gives insight into the cost of your specific move.

Rates for our removal services Rotterdam

The following rates apply to all removals in and outside of Rotterdam:

  • Movers: 32,50 euros per hour
  • Moving vans: 35 euros per hour
  • XL moving vans: 50 euros per hour
  • Furniture elevators: 30 euros per hour

Please note: when you rent a furniture elevator, you are also required to rent a mover. This mover will operate the furniture elevator for you, so you can use the elevator without accidents and as efficiently as possible. Of course, the mover will also be happy to help you with other removal tasks.

Why people choose Student Verhuis Service

Over 100,000 satisfied customers from 23+ countries
Rated with 4.8 stars out of 6300+ reviews
Safe and insured moving up to €2,500,000
The best price/quality ratio for 14 years
40 spacious and clean moving vans
Certified and highly skilled movers
A price indication within 5 minutes
The same day a free tailor-made quotation
Choose your discount up to 30%

Calculate the costs for your move in Rotterdam for free

At Student Verhuis Service you can calculate in advance what your move will cost, by using our handy interactive request form. This is a free service that gives you immediate insight into the cost of your move.

The form also gives insight into the different elements that influence the price of your move. You can influence the price by doing more yourself or by asking family and friends to help you on the day of the mov

Moving your way

The staff of our affordable removal company in Rotterdam, will make sure that the move is as hassle-free as possible for you. They are happy to take care of all aspects of the move for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to do a lot yourself, this is of course also possible. You may want to ask family or friends to help you with the move. This will save you money because we will have to deploy fewer movers.

Our removal company handles a lot of removals within Rotterdam, but we also provide our services outside the port city.

Are you looking for a removal company that keeps a close eye on the costs and thus ensures that you do not pay too much? Because of our efficient way of working, we can handle your move quickly, which means that we often only need to load the truck or van once. This saves a lot of time, allowing you to move inexpensively in Rotterdam.

At the same time, we take good care of your belongings and protect them well. This ensures that your move is carried out smoothly, so that your belongings will quickly arrive and you can start furnishing your new home or business premises.

Moving in Rotterdam: all removals provided at low cost

Thanks to our relatively inexpensive workforce and low budget set-up, we can afford to charge low prices.

This applies to all types of removals: whether you are staying in the neighbourhood or moving far away, and regardless of whether you have only a few belongings or a large amount of furniture and other goods.

Curious to know if we can also move you quickly and cheaply in Rotterdam? Enter your details in the request form of Student Verhuis Service.

What is the process when hiring a removal company Rotterdam?

After you have completed our request form, we will send you a no-obligation estimate by e-mail within a few hours. This quote is always generously estimated and takes into account traffic jams and other circumstances that may cause the job to take longer. This way you won’t have any unpleasant surprises for your move in Rotterdam.

Cheap removal services from Rotterdam within the country and abroad

Are you looking to move inexpensively from Rotterdam to another part of the country, or are you planning to settle abroad? Our removal company is an excellent choice for your move within Rotterdam, as we are very familiar with all the different neighbourhoods. Because our movers know Rotterdam well, they know exactly how to handle removals in Rotterdam and they also don’t shy away from jobs in the busy city centre of Rotterdam. As removal company Rotterdam we know how to get your belongings from or to those busy streets as smoothly as possible.

But you can also often see us at work in the suburbs of Rotterdam. For instance, we are active as removal company Nijmegen, in Leiden and the surrounding area, and as removal company Dordrecht. Whether you are looking for a removal company Rotterdam for your move to Rotterdam or are about to leave Rotterdam and are therefore looking for a removal service: In both cases Student Verhuis Service will carry out your move professionally and at a very attractive price.

Besides moving in Rotterdam we are also active as a moving company in Amsterdammoving company in Utrecht and a moving company den Haag.

Home removals and business relocations in Rotterdam

Whether you are moving home in, from or to Rotterdam, or need to relocate your business: Student Verhuis Service is the best removal company for both home removals and business relocations. We carry out various types of removals on a daily basis. This varies from small studio removals to major office relocations, hotel removals or archive relocations.

Our motto for both home removals and business relocations: you decide how you want to move. We carry out full-service removals, but can also assist you in moving a few large objects.

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