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Having to move urgently often causes a lot of stress and worries. Your belongings need to be taken to another location as soon as possible. Since an urgent move usually comes unexpectedly, you have not really been able to prepare for it. An example of an emergency removal is when your house has become uninhabitable due to water damage or soot damage after a fire. In such a case, your belongings need to be moved as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

It is also possible that you are dealing with a house clearance after a loved one has passed away or after a bankruptcy. In these cases, it is also possible to have the house cleared urgently.

Customers facing an emergency move are often in distress and the prospect of having to move so rapidly can be very daunting. However, for us as a removal company, urgent removals are not different than ‘regular’ removals. We have a lot of experience with emergency removals and understand better than anyone how you feel. We are here to support you and will move your belongings to your new residence quickly. Get in touch with us, without any obligation, to find out about the cost of your emergency move and what the possibilities are.
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Advantages of moving quickly

Emergency removals are realized within a very short period of time. An advantage of this is that all your belongings will arrive at the new place quickly, so that you can quickly pick up the thread in your new home. It is a good thing to have your belongings at your disposal so fast again. You can also have all your appliances immediately connected in your new home by removal company Student Verhuis Service. We can also reassemble your furniture for you. Leaving those tasks to us, will allow you to start unpacking the moving boxes right away, so you will feel at home in your new place quickly.

Disadvantages of an emergency removal

Unfortunately, an emergency move also often has a lot of disadvantages compared to an ‘ordinary’ move. You won’t have the peace of mind to prepare your move carefully, and probably won’t be able to pack your belongings with much care. Your belongings will be in your new residence quickly, but you may not have had the time to label all the boxes properly or to sort out your belongings beforehand. That means that sorting out the boxes afterwards may take a little more time when you arrive at your new home. Always try to keep a cool head during an urgent move and try to get things done in an orderly manner, wherever possible. Our tips for emergency removals may come in handy.

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What does an emergency removal cost?

You may have noticed that many removal companies charge a higher price for emergency removals. Student Verhuis Service feels that you already have enough worries and does not charge surcharges for emergency removals on weekdays. Only for weekend removals, a standard rate of 125% is charged. We also charge extra when you need to move on a holiday or in the evening (after 8 pm). Do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities and rates for your emergency removal. Take a look at our rates to get an idea of the cost of different parts of your move.

Student Verhuis Service: removal company for any type of removal

Student Verhuis Service has extensive experience with many different types of removals. You have come to the right place for an emergency removal, but also for your

  • Home removal
  • Business relocation
  • Elderly moving services

We also provide other removal services. Examples are:

  • House clearances
  • Moving assistance
  • Furniture elevator rentals
  • Furniture transport

Urgency removals for the elderly

A common ‘emergency removal’ is helping the elderly move home. A place has become available in a nursing home or senior apartment and the elderly person needs to move in as soon as possible. In cases like that, our removal company is contacted to ask if we can move an elderly loved with urgency. When an elderly person needs to move, the family often needs to determine what furniture will be moved to the new home and which belongings must be left behind. Student Verhuis Service can often take belongings to different addresses. For the elderly person, this is usually a difficult step because the house where they have lived for a long time has to be left for one of the last stages of their life. The movers of Student Verhuis Service have a lot of experience with urgency removals for the elderly and handle the situation with respect. Our movers will make sure that the moving experience for the family, as well as for the elderly person, will be as worry-free and stress-free as possible.

Tips for emergency removals

Because you already have enough on your mind during an emergency move, here are some tips to help you get through the process in a structured way.

  • In case of soot or water damage, call in a specialized company;
  • Try to keep a cool head as much as possible, so you will not overlook too many things.
  • Purchase enough removal boxes, better too much than not enough!
  • Because of the short period of time, it won’t be possible to sort out your belongings very thoroughly. Don’t think too much about your belongings, but continue packing quickly;
  • Create different spots in the corners of your room: a spot for things that need to go, a spot for items that are meant for the second-hand shop or other people, and finally the spot with belongings that will need to go to the new location. Organize everything neatly and quickly in these corners;
  • Write clearly on each removal box what is in it and where the box needs to go. It is also advisable to make a distinction between boxes that are needed right away and boxes that can wait a while before unpacking;
  • Make a list of items of value that may need extra insurance before they are put into the removal van;
  • Clearly let the movers know which items need to be taken to which location if items need to be dropped off at multiple locations. This can also easily be done by labelling the items with colours or numbers.

Do you need to move urgently?

Do you have to move urgently? We will be happy to handle it for you and take away your worries. Our removers can be involved in your urgent move as much as you want. Student Verhuis Service can help you with packing, disassembling, unpacking, transporting and reconnecting your appliances.

It does not matter where in the Netherlands you move to or from: Student Verhuis Service is active nationwide as a removal company and moves everyone for a student price.

Some of the work we carry out regularly:

  • Moving to Amsterdam
  • Moving to Rotterdam
  • Moving to den Haag
  • Moving to Utrecht

You can also count on us in other cities, towns and villages.

Ask us about the possibilities and rates for your urgent move. If you want to move today or tomorrow, please contact us by phone.

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