Gifts for every child

21 November 2022 Uncategorized

Student Moving Service is committed this year to putting smiles on the faces of children for whom making wish lists is not natural. The idea is that we give superfluous toys a new destination and thereby make as many children as possible happy. We believe that every child has the right to play regardless of the financial situation of the parents. Besides making children happy, toys are also good for development, so do you have quality toys left over? Then read on quickly!

Moving company costs: What does a move cost?

21 September 2022 Tips

A complete removal is expensive. It does not stop with the moving service. The removal service is only a small part of the total removal. However, as a professional moving company in Amsterdam we are specialised in that part of the removal process. But what does a removal company cost?

Notifying change of address from relocation: to whom?

When you move, you often have plenty to organize. You list what you need to do in your new home before you can move, you arrange the people and tools needed for this, you look for the best moving company that can carry out your move according to your wishes. In addition, you have a lot to clean up and pack.

Another thing that comes with moving is arranging your mail. This must somehow arrive at your new address as of your moving date. For this, you need to give a change of address, but you are not sure to whom and how.

In this blog, we answer some pressing questions regarding moving and mail, such as:

-how do I pass on my change of address to the municipality?
-which institutions receive automatic notification when I move house?
-Where do I pass on my change of address, to which bodies?
-who do I have to inform my change of address to?
-when do I have to inform them of my change of address?

Moving Tips

20 September 2022 Tips

Protecting your household effects is very important: if your household effects are transport-worthy, they are always insured. It is very important to us to always move your household effects damage-free. Good preparation on your part in combination with our professional, experienced movers will ensure that your move will be economical, efficient and successful. Delivering your household effects transport-worthy is essential to ensure the safety of your belongings. In this blog, you will read how best to prepare for the move.

Home-sick after moving? 5 tips!

15 September 2022 Tips

Waar de ene persoon direct heel gelukkig is en blij wordt van alles wat nieuw is na een verhuizing, heeft de andere persoon de grootste moeite zich aan te passen aan de nieuwe omgeving en de veranderde situatie. Hebt u spijt na het verhuizen of last van heimwee naar uw oude woonplaats en uw oude leven? In dit artikel zetten we een aantal tips op een rij die u helpen om te gaan met heimwee na een verhuizing.

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