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Notifying change of address from relocation: to whom?

21 September 2022 Informatie

When you move, you often have plenty to organize. You list what you need to do in your new home before you can move, you arrange the people and tools needed for this, you look for the best moving company that can carry out your move according to your wishes. In addition, you have a lot to clean up and pack.

Another thing that comes with moving is arranging your mail. This must somehow arrive at your new address as of your moving date. For this, you need to give a change of address, but you are not sure to whom and how.

In this blog, we answer some pressing questions regarding moving and mail, such as:

-how do I pass on my change of address to the municipality?
-which institutions receive automatic notification when I move house?
-Where do I pass on my change of address, to which bodies?
-who do I have to inform my change of address to?
-when do I have to inform them of my change of address?

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