Notifying change of address from relocation: to whom?

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When you are moving, you often have plenty to organise. You list the things you need to do in your new home before you can move, you arrange the people and tools you need for this, you look for the best moving company to carry out your move according to your wishes. In addition, you have a lot to tidy up and pack.

Another thing that comes with moving is arranging your mail. These will have to somehow arrive at your new address from your moving date. For this, you need to give a change of address, but you are not sure to whom and how.

In this blog, we answer some pressing questions regarding moving and mail, such as:

  • Notifying the municipality of my move: how does it work?
  • which organisations receive automatic notification when I move house?
  • where do I pass on my change of address, to which organisations?
  • to whom do I pass on my change of address?
  • when should I inform them of my change of address?

Notifying the municipality of my move: how does it work?

An important authority to be informed of your move is the municipality. Notifying the municipality of a change of address is something you do to the municipality in which you will be living. This is an essential part, in that it can result in a €325 fine if the change of address is not notified within 5 days of your move. It is already possible to declare this 4 weeks before the move. So there is plenty of time to do this, but it is very important not to skip it.

Are you moving within the municipality in which you already live? Then also change your address with this municipality.

Are you moving to another municipality? Then you only need to pass on your change of address to the municipality where you will be living. Your new municipality will automatically deregister you from your old municipality.

Notifying the municipality of your change of address can be done in several ways:

  • visiting the town hall
  • sending a letter
  • online with your DigiD

Check the website of your municipality for more information on how to pass on your change of address to the municipality.

Which authorities receive automatic notification when you relocate?

Some organisations are automatically notified of your move. You do not have to do anything, just register with the municipality in which you are moving. The municipality will then ensure that these organisations are informed of your change of address.

These organisations are the following:

  • Health insurers;
  • Hospitals;
  • Police;
  • Fire brigade;
  • Government institutions such as the Tax Office, RDW, SVB, DUO

If you receive a supplement (Belastingdienst Toeslagen) or benefits (UWV), for example, you do not need to inform these government institutions of your change of address. If you pass on your change of address to the municipality, these institutions will also automatically be informed that you have moved.

Please note: exceptions may apply in some cases, for instance if you move abroad or if you receive rent allowance. Check the specific authority’s site to find out whether your changing situation needs to be notified.

Where should I report my change of address?

Government agencies that need your address to carry out their work will automatically be notified of your change of address when you register with your local authority. However, there are also companies that need your change of address to provide you with services. For example, they can forward mail to your new address after you have moved.

Some of the companies to whom you need to provide your new address:

  • Telephone and internet companies, such as KPN, Ziggo;
  • Your bank, such as RaboBank or ING;
  • Notary;
  • Newspapers and magazines you subscribe to, such as NRC, the Telegraph, National Geographic, AutoWeek, Linda;
  • Transport companies you have a subscription to, such as NS or car-sharing platforms
  • Charities, such as the Heart Foundation, the WWF;
  • Sports clubs, fitness;
  • Your employer;
  • House of worship;

With some companies you can also deregister when you move, such as with the dentist and GP in your old home town. Remember to look for a new dentist and GP in your new place of residence in time. That way you know where to go the moment you urgently need a dentist or GP.

Moving service from PostNL

A handy service to ensure that all your mail lands at your correct, new address is PostNL’s Moving Service (Unfortunately, they only have a Dutch website page for this service)

This service offers 2 conveniences:

  • your mail is forwarded to your new address for a number of weeks after your move, with you choosing the number of weeks;
  • the Moving Service allows you to quickly pass on a change of address to organisations, so that mail from these organisations will henceforth be sent to your new address.

Even if you move abroad, you can have PostNL forward your mail to your new address. This is done through the Forwarding Service.

Cheap alternative to the moving service

A good and cheaper alternative to the moving service is to keep track of which organisations you get mail from a few months before your move yourself. If you note down each mail sender, you will already have the vast majority of organisations and companies that need your address listed. You can then systematically notify all these companies and organisations of your move. Ideally, you will do this in one go, but there will always be agencies and organisations that will be forgotten.

I am moving: who do I inform?

The government institutions and most important companies that need to be informed of your change of address have been covered above.

In addition to these companies and agencies, your family members and friends will of course also want to be informed of your new address. Furthermore, there are other individuals and organisations or companies that need your change of address (or cancellation of membership). These include:

  • colleagues;
  • medical specialists
  • sports organisations, such as the football club or hockey club;
  • school, childcare, guest parent, babysitter;
  • other associations you are affiliated to, such as the ANWB or the union.

Also, for the first months after you move, keep checking every time you order through an online shop whether your old address is still in your profile. Don’t forget to enter your new address here so that your parcel arrives at your new address.

When should I report my change of address?

When should I report my change of address?
There is no single answer to the question of when you should notify your change of address. We distinguish between communicating your change of address to the municipality and the change of address you send to relatives.

There is no specific deadline for informing your friends and family of your move. However, it is helpful if they are notified not too long after the move.

You can notify the municipality of your move from 4 weeks before your move date and up to 5 days after your move.

Please note: Please note that not notifying your change of address to your new municipality on time can be fined up to 325 euros! Keep a close eye on this and don’t be late, even if you are dealing with an urgent move, for example. In addition to all the tasks involved in moving, make sure you schedule time to report your move to the municipality.

What else is involved in a relocation?

Besides communicating your change of address, many things suddenly come up for you during a move to another municipality. Besides decorating the new interior and thus making the house a lot cosier, it is also nice to start exploring the neighbourhood. Start a conversation with the new neighbour and plan an introductory meeting. Important things to consider in addition are:

  • Arranging insurance for contents and other home insurance
  • Sign contracts for gas, water and electricity
  • Planning the moving day and all related tasks

We hope this information has been helpful and if you have any questions about moving in the Netherlands, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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