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Having the right moving equipment is a success factor for an efficient move. When you are moving from an upper floor, a furniture elevator is essential. At Student Verhuis Service, we offer furniture elevators for a realistic and reasonable price. Our rates for renting a furniture elevator already start from € 30 per hour. Keep in mind that you will also need to hire the operator of the furniture elevator, a professional mover, for € 32,50 per hour. Other areas in which we excel:

We work with our own furniture elevators;
Urgent removals and removals in the weekend are no problem;
Calculate the costs directly with the convenient moving calculator.

Renting a furniture elevator at Student Verhuis Service

When you need to move from or to, for example, the 3rd floor, it will be a real hassle to move all furniture down or up the stairs. In some cases, due to a small stairwell, it will not even be possible to move the furniture via the stairs. For these types of removals, a furniture elevator is often used. Because a furniture elevator has a range of about 18 meters, a lot of time can be gained. And time is money!

We rent out furniture elevators for a realistic price and including a professional operator. This is very important for safety reasons. Operating a furniture elevator involves great heights. The experience of our professional staff will guarantee that the work is performed safely.

Rent a furniture elevator for a quick and convenient move

Using a furniture elevator has a lot of advantages and makes moving much more convenient. Especially for people who live in an upper floor apartment in a building without a lift. By using a furniture elevator, furniture remains undamaged and the move will go smooth. The range and precision of the furniture elevators is very large and therefore your belongings are moved safely, also at great heights.

For house clearances as well, a furniture elevator can come in handy. A house clearance often needs to be carried out quickly, and by using a furniture elevator you can get items downstairs much faster than walking up and down the stairs with your belongings. At Student Verhuis Service you can rent a furniture elevator including an operator for your house clearance, but our professional movers can also take care of the entire house clearance for you.

The advantages of renting a furniture elevator at Student Verhuis Service

Renting a furniture elevator is guaranteed to take your move to a higher level. We have listed the advantages of renting a furniture elevator from our company:

  • Saving costs and time by increasing the efficiency of your move.
  • Professional operation by a removal assistant who works with the furniture elevator on a daily basis.
  • No risk of injuries or other physical problems due to lifting heavy furniture through narrow stairwells.
  • Less risk of damage to your furniture and other belongings.
  • Insurance in case of damage to your house, surroundings or household effects.
  • Range of 18 meters, which is up to five floors!
  • Lifting capacity up to 200 kg.
  • You can rent a furniture elevator including a professional operator throughout the Netherlands and every day of the week.

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Renting a furniture elevator including a professional operator

When you rent a furniture elevator from us, we will always provide a professional mover. This mover works with a furniture elevator on a daily basis and can therefore safely operate the furniture elevator. The risk of damage to your property, its surroundings and your belongings is therefore kept to a minimum. Moreover, the movers are able to carry out the move quickly, which means that a move from Amsterdam to Utrecht can often be completed within half a day! Providing a mover with the furniture elevator is to guarantee safety. This mover will at all times be near the furniture elevator. He makes sure that the furniture elevator is under control and correctly operated.

Curious about the costs of renting a furniture elevator?

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Safety first when renting a furniture elevator

You can imagine that moving furniture to and from an apartment on a high floor involves dangers. In addition to the need to safeguard the area around the furniture elevator, the safety of the person in the top of the house or building is also important. The furniture has to be unloaded from the furniture elevator, which, when not experienced, can lead to dangerous situations. Also placing the furniture on the elevator, can lead to dangerous situations when lacking the required experience. It is also important that the elevator is handled properly. For this reason, we only rent out furniture elevators with a professional operator. By doing so, we avoid unnecessary risks for you and for our staff.

How can I rent a furniture elevator?

Renting a furniture elevator is easy. By using the online price calculator on our website, you can calculate the cost of renting a furniture elevator for your move. The tool enables you to indicate the cost of renting the furniture elevator. A handy feature of the calculator is that it estimates how long the furniture elevator should be rented in order to move all furniture up or down. This way you avoid renting the removal elevator either not long enough or too long.

Moving in and around Amsterdam

When you are moving in Amsterdam it often means moving to or from an apartment in a narrow alley, at a busy road or a canal. Check well in advance if it is possible to set up the furniture elevator near the building. In some cases, it is mandatory to apply for a permit. For more information about renting a furniture elevator for your move in Amsterdam, please contact our removal company Amsterdam.

Of course, the furniture elevator can also be used if you are moving in another city. We are active throughout the Netherlands, for example as removal company Utrechtremoval company Rotterdam or removal company in den Haag. Also in smaller towns or villages we are there for you, for example as removal company Rijswijk or removal company Zaandam. When you are moving from or to these and other locations you can also lease a furniture elevator from us. Choose for example:

  • Furniture elevator rental Amsterdam
  • Furniture elevator rental Rotterdam
  • Furniture elevator rental Den Haag
  • Furniture elevator rental Utrecht
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