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We are happy to help you by taking your house clearance off your hands.

We work accurately, efficiently and carefully and treat your possessions (or those of your family members) with respect. We can also be deployed in the event of a forced eviction caused by, for example, rent arrears or misconduct. You can also come to us for urgent evictions.

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House clearance by Student Verhuis Service

A house clearance can be an emotional and far-reaching matter. For example, an eviction can occur after a bankruptcy, or when a family member has died.

You have enough on your mind, and the eviction is an extra worry that you can’t really cope with. Nevertheless, it is important to clear your possessions as quickly as possible and to house them elsewhere. This can result in a lot of time pressure and therefore stress.

We not only carry out private removals and clearance work, but we are also available to business customers.

An urgent clearance can also be very useful for business customers: the business premises that you rent can be handed over completely clean and empty within a day.

Our working area? We have already carried out removals and clearance operations in every corner of the country. We are not only seen in our hometown Amsterdam, but we also act as, for example:

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House clearance without stress

A frequently heard problem in house clearance is the short time available for the clearance. Evictions are often the result of unforeseen circumstances, as a result of which a home or business premises suddenly have to be emptied.

This sudden confrontation with an unforeseen turn of events, such as a death or bankruptcy, is often a factor that causes a great deal of stress. Emotions can also run high. This, in combination with the prospect of evacuation, can create a seemingly insurmountable problem.

It is precisely in these times that the expert eviction specialists of Student Verhuis Service are ready for you. Student Verhuis Service has already cleared many homes and business premises and can also take the worry out of clearing your house.

Our movers take into account that the eviction can be an emotional and painful event and adjust their actions accordingly. Your clearance is carried out respectfully by professional movers who handle the goods to be cleared with care.

The possibilities of your house clearance

We offer many possibilities in the area of house clearance and business clearance. You can come to us for:

  • Full-service clearance: we can take care of the entire clearance for you;
  • Full-service clearance with cleaning: if required, we can deliver the premises clean after the clearance;
  • Full-service clearance with debris removal: after clearing your house or premises, we drive you to the dump so that you are not left with your bulky waste;
  • Clearance with temporary storage of household effects: the household effects that you cannot immediately dispose of at a new location can be temporarily stored in our safe storage facility;
  • Self clearance together with our professional eviction and relocation helpers: of course you are welcome to help yourself during the eviction;
  • Urgent clearance: does the clearance need to be done quickly? Save yourself the stress and engage Student Verhuis Service for a quick and secure settlement of your house clearance;
  • Evictions outside office hours and in the weekend: we work extremely flexible and can therefore also assist you with evictions in the weekend or outside office hours.

In short, you can use our removal company for any kind of house clearance and business clearance. We can also provide additional services, such as cleaning the cleared premises. You are welcome to leave the clearance entirely to us or to help us out.

Your wishes are paramount during the clearance. Whatever type of eviction you require, please feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes.

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Discreet assistance with the clearance of your home

You can choose to hire movers to help you with the clearance of your home. In order not to run out of time, you can choose to call in the movers to help you pack up your household contents, but you can also call in the house clearance service for just the transport of your belongings or for the removal of debris.

If you choose for a house clearance by the movers of Student Verhuis Service, we guarantee the discretion of our employees during the clearance.

We understand that it is not always easy to let a stranger into your house and let him/her sort out and pack all your belongings. However, we carry out evictions in various circumstances on a daily basis. Our employees are not surprised and simply do what they have to do: they carefully pack and transport your belongings.

As a removal company, we treat every situation with respect: we want to take the worry out of your work, not cause you extra stress. Guaranteeing your privacy during every move and eviction is therefore of great importance to Student Verhuis Service. We only ask for the information we need to do our job properly. We also like to receive information from you whether you choose to be present or absent during the house clearance. You choose: If you would like to coordinate the clearance yourself, you are more than welcome to do so. However, if you prefer to leave the clearance entirely to our professional staff, that’s no problem either.

With Student Verhuis Service you choose a discrete party for your house clearance. Request a quote or contact us now.

Urgent clearance of your home

It happens all too often: emergency evictions. We often see this, for example, when a resident of a retirement home passes away. In order to be able to welcome a new tenant into the room as quickly as possible, the deceased tenant’s room has to be vacated within a few days. There are, in fact, enough names on the waiting list, which makes the admission of a new tenant all the more urgent.

The urgency required for such a quick eviction, however, is often hard to bear for the tenant’s relatives. They have lost their beloved family member and are forced to deal with practical matters that are under great time pressure.

We from Student Verhuis Service would like to take the stress out of your hands that comes with such an eviction where urgency is required. Do you, for whatever reason, have to deal with an urgent eviction? We will be glad to help you.

If your eviction has to take place within a very short time, read more about emergency removal via Student Verhuis Service, or contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities for your eviction.

We have a large number of employees and flexible working hours, and are therefore able to clear your house at short notice and to relocate your possessions. So if you need to move quickly due to circumstances or clear out a house to make room for a new tenant, then you have come to the right place.

Give us a call;
We will ask you for the information we need for the eviction;
Then you can rest assured that your eviction is in good hands.

Removal of rubble and bulky waste from the house

Usually, a house clearance does not only remove the contents of the house. An eviction often involves a large amount of rubble and bulky waste. Private (and also business) customers often do not have the right means of transport to transport this to a dump in a safe and efficient manner.

Student Verhuis Service gladly comes with the right equipment to transport your debris and unnecessary items from your home or business premises to a recycling centre or landfill.

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Different types of house clearance

There can be various reasons for a house clearance:

  • Emptying a house after death;
  • Senior citizens moving to a nursing home or sheltered accommodation
  • Forced eviction
  • Evacuation of a company

No matter what type of house clearance it is, most removals will trigger the necessary emotions when clearing the house. Our movers have years of experience and know what the customer needs during the removal or house clearance.

House clearance after death

It can be very confronting when you have to clear out the room or the house immediately after the death of your loved one. This is certainly the case when the house has to be cleared out within a few days or weeks after the death. An eviction is then an unwelcome extra task that causes stress and frustration.

If you wish, you can leave the clearance of the house to our experienced movers. You can then focus on the funeral, while our removal company takes care of the house clearance.

Our way of working consists of neatly packing all the contents in moving boxes and disassembling the furniture. We will leave the house or room wiped clean for you after the eviction. The contents will be taken to an agreed location. It’s nice to know that the house clearance is well organised when you are in the middle of your grieving period.

Delivery of broomless premises and clearance of contents

In most cases, a house clearance is inextricably linked to cleaning work. Often, the clearance alone is not enough, but the house must be delivered clean.

At Student Verhuis Service we have several staff members who are specialised in the fast and accurate cleaning of houses and premises after an eviction or a move.

If you make use of our cleaning service, you will not have to worry about the premises that you are leaving. The clearance and cleaning will be carried out for you professionally, efficiently and inexpensively by Student Verhuis Service. This service fits in perfectly with the clearance of a house or building.

Even if you have a small budget but are unable to clear your house yourself, Student Verhuis Service can be of service to you. Because of our extensive experience with house clearances and removals, we can make a tight schedule and carry out your clearance quickly and cost-effectively.

Evacuation of companies

Do you have a company that is moving and needs to leave the old premises quickly? Then you don’t want to have to worry about the things that are left behind because you no longer need them. Especially with business removals, speed is an important issue: the longer a removal takes, the more money it will cost you, because you will be out of business for longer.

In addition to all kinds of business removals, Student Verhuis Service is also happy to take care of the clearance of your company. We deliver the old premises broom clean and dispose of all remaining items discreetly and correctly.

Why choose Student Verhuis Service for an eviction?

Student Verhuis Service has years of experience with house clearances in Amsterdam and its surroundings. For many people, we are the first choice when a property needs to be delivered completely clean and empty. Our customers choose Student Verhuis Service because of our expertise, experience and competitive rates and come from all over the Netherlands. A few reasons to call in Student Verhuis Service for a house clearance:

We are cheaper than all our competitors! (Also with house clearance)
We have excellent contacts with the major housing associations and are therefore constantly aware of their conditions regarding the clean delivery of homes.
We take your surplus household effects to the demolition or dumping site. If you ride with us, this is free of charge! (Otherwise, the cost is 0.20 cents per kilo)
Temporary storage of your household effects is possible, please contact us for more information and rates.
Dismantling of all types of furniture is possible by our movers.
We are able to carry out the necessary demolition work if it concerns reasonably fragile objects (wood, furniture, window sills etc.). However, please note that wehave no authority or knowledge to demolish gas pipes, electricity and such.
Removing carpet, laminate or flooring in the premises to be cleared is no problem for us!
We work on a permanent basis for various recognised estate agents.
Carpeting of windows, doors or attic is possible.
Special items, such as heavy safes and pianos, can also be cleared in consultation.

Curious about the costs of house clearance?

Do you have questions about how the house clearance is carried out by Student Verhuis Service? Please feel free to contact us for more information on house clearance and our services. We will be happy to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for (more information on) urgent house clearances.

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