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Business relocations

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Business relocations

Our removal company relocates offices and other business spaces on a weekly basis. With business relocations, planning and integrity are even more important than with home removals. After all, you need the relocation to be carried out as quickly as possible and you want your sensitive company information to be handled with care. In case a furniture elevator is required, we have these at our disposal as well. The moving services offered by Student Verhuis Service are based on reliable planning and our staff is thorough and careful. Curious about the costs for your business relocation? Request a no-obligation quote at Student Verhuis Service!

Personal account manager for your business relocation

Each company is different. When planning a business relocation, it is therefore very important to look in detail at all the wishes and requirements of the client. For this purpose, we work with account managers. Your personal account manager has all the expertise to support you and help you prepare for your relocation. He or she will also make sure that after the relocation you are provided with all the service and after-sales that Student Verhuis Service offers. Prior to the relocation itself, we will discuss with you what your company and staff require for the relocation. This may include materials for packing, experienced IT people who will handle your electronics with the utmost care, and specialists who will work with you to set up the new business space and move and assemble the furniture.

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Your business removals all taken care off

Student Verhuis Service has extensive experience with business relocations. We have a lot of experience relocating entire offices, including workstations, filing cabinets and equipment, but we also have the expertise and capacity to relocate manufacturing facilities that contain heavier equipment. Our professional removal equipment in combination with our experience, means that we can take care of all aspects of your business relocation.

Clearances are also part of our services. We offer clearance services for both homes and businesses. If, for example, you don’t want to move part of your belongings to the new location, we can clear the house or business premises and dispose of the items for you.

Relocating your business according to plan

For business relocations, it is very important that the move is carried out according to the planning schedule. Customers need to be informed and suppliers also need to know about the relocation of your business. It’s also important that your employees are not without work for too long. Everything needs to be operational as soon as possible. Student Verhuis Service has a lot of experience with corporate relocations and will plan your relocation in a practical way, ensuring efficiency and speed. This way you know exactly what to expect and down time is minimised for your business. The employees can get back to work quickly and your customers can be served again.

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Accurately managing valuable time

Time is valuable for every business. As a manager or business owner, it’s important for you that your employees can continue to work as long as possible and can get back to work as soon as possible. At the same time, you want your new office to be in full working order after the relocation. In order to realise this, it may be preferable to carry out the business relocation entirely or partially over a weekend. Student Verhuis Service offers you this flexibility. Our movers are also available throughout the evenings to help you move your business. This flexibility allows us to offer customised solutions for your business relocation.

Moving furniture company

Student Verhuis Service is a professional removal company with motivated employees and modern equipment. This includes moving vans and furniture elevators, as well as protective materials, removal boxes, hand trucks and other equipment to make your move go smoothly. It’s often a good idea to rent a furniture elevator. Our furniture elevators will make your business relocation even easier and more effective. The risk of damage to office equipment is reduced even further by using an elevator.

Temporary storage

Are you moving to a new office and don’t want to take all your old office furniture with you? You can temporarily store this furniture in one of our warehouses, so that in the meantime you can find a permanent solution for your unused office items. Ask us about the possibilities for temporary storage after your business relocation.

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Nationwide services

Student Verhuis Service is a professional removal company that offers nationwide services. We are there for your move from Hoofddorp to Amsterdam, but also if you plan to move from the south of the country to the Randstad. The cost of a business relocation is obviously less when there is less distance to be covered between the two locations. However, as a low-cost removal company we can almost always provide an attractive price for any business relocation.

Affordable business relocations

If you’re looking for a removal company that can help you move your business not only inexpensively, but also fast and professionally, Student Verhuis Service is the right place for you. We have extensive experience with both large and small-scale business relocations, and can therefore guarantee that your relocation is in good hands with us.

Because we work with a mix of young employees and experienced movers, we can move your business efficiently. This keeps the cost of moving down and enables us to offer you highly affordable business relocation services. Would you like more information? Please contact us for a no-obligation quote or use the request form.