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If you are gifted with all thumbs, you can use the help of a handyman when moving. This way you can let an all-round handyman do the chores you don’t know how to do. 

Think, for example, of a cupboard that needs to be dismantled or the floor that still needs to come out. These are jobs that an experienced handyman will not turn his back on. Thanks to the handyman service of Student Moving Service you have your own professional at your disposal.

Lots of experience
All-round deployment from hoisting to (dis)assembly.
Less worry and more fun

What does a handyman do?

A handyman solves all kinds of tasks around your move. The handyman’s versatility comes in handy for the variety of tasks you may encounter during a move. Besides being an experienced handyman, the handyman is also an experienced mover. Do you have a wardrobe that has been in the room for years that you have no idea how to disassemble? 

Don’t panic! Our handymen are highly experienced in dismantling all kinds of furniture, from IKEA to designer. Of course, if you have a complicated piece of furniture, it is always handy to keep the instructions handy or contact us in advance.


What can you use a handyman for?

Disconnecting the washing machine or removing the curtain rail around the house, a handyman, with his knowledge and experience, is the go-to person. Jobs a handyman can solve range from:

  • (De)assembly work;
  • Hoisting
  • Removing windows
  • Disconnecting/connecting washing machines
  • Too removing a floor.

A handyman can’t:

  • Connect gas and electricity (water only at the washing machine)
  • Drill holes in walls
  • Do work that the handyman himself reports is too dangerous
  • Assemble items new out of the box that he has not disassembled himself

(De)assembly work

IKEA’s PAX wardrobes are usually the models we encounter the most, both with and without sliding doors, our handymen can dream the wardrobes. How fast the disassembly/assembly is depends on the amount of doors.

If you have the wardrobes anchored to the walls we can unscrew them for you, but because we are not authorized to drill holes; we unfortunately cannot anchor the wardrobes to the walls in the new home, so you have to do this yourself. This also applies to holes that need to be drilled for mounting TVs and lamps. 

Tip from our moving expert Raoul: you can disassemble a box spring yourself in two simple clicks. This saves you time and money because you don’t have to hire a handyman! So think carefully beforehand if a handyman is really necessary.


Hoisting is a moving technique mainly used in old cities such as Amsterdam. This involves the use of a rope and pulley. We hang the pulley (Block) on the hook located at the top of the building, then we lower the side of the rope without the hook. We attach the hook inside the house to the straps we tied around the furniture. By pulling on the rope below, this allows us to safely hoist the furniture out of the house.

Removing windows

Sometimes, before the move, the windows of your home must be removed if we are going to use the moving elevator, for example. Within Amsterdam, this mainly involves upward-sliding windows that work with counterweights or springs. These can both be removed and replaced quickly and easily by our handyman.

(Dis)connecting washing machines

Naturally, our handymen will effortlessly connect and disconnect your washing machine. Because we have to be near the water supply, there are some conditions attached to this. (link to conditions) These conditions can be found in our general conditions.

Removing a floor

For clearances, the handyman can also loosen your floor, provided it is not glued. This applies to:

  • Parquet / laminate
  • Sail
  • Carpet

Is your floor not listed? Please call/email us for options.

How much does a handyman cost?

Hiring a handyman is based on an hourly rate. The handyman of Student Moving Service costs €35,- (ex 21% VAT.) per hour and is therefore the most economical way to complete your moving jobs.

Non-binding handyman quotation

Solving tasks around your move is something you can look up to. For that reason, it can be nice to have a handyman at your disposal. If you already have an idea of what you can use the handyman’s talent for, ask for a free quote.

Hire removal help?

Is your moving day already circled red in the diary and could use two handymen? If so, Student Moving Service can provide you with several handymen. Our removal help can be hired on the basis of an hourly rate and can easily help where needed. Contact us without obligation or go to our rates page

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You can also get other moving services from us. For example:

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