Moving is a lot of work and often a stressful experience. Removal company Student Verhuis Service would like to relieve you from some of that moving stress by offering our moving assistance services. We can tell you from experience that some extra hands during a move or a house clearance means a big difference! You can decide for yourself how much moving assistance you want and for what type of jobs. Read more about the various options for hiring moving assistance below.

Packing assistance

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Packing, protecting and disassembling your belongings is a time-consuming and often difficult task. If you lack the time or desire for packing and unpacking your

items, getting packing assistance will mean one less hassle for you. You can leave the packing of all your belongings to Student Verhuis Service by opting for our full-service moving solution.

When you opt for a full-service move, you will always be assigned a handyman and a project mover. They can also help you with the disassembly of furniture and will pack the parts in a well-protected manner. Because we make sure that everything is packed according to the highest standards, you can move to your new destination with peace of mind, and rest assured that your belongings will arrive safely at their destination.

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Project mover

Do you have a large amount of household effects that need to be carried to the removal van and can you use some extra help with that? At Student Verhuis Service we offer affordable carrying help for every move. Our project mover can move large quantities of boxes, crates or large and heavy furniture for you. All our movers have a lot of experience in lifting and carrying items and will be pleased to relieve you of the worries and stress that are often part of moving.

Furniture transport

Do you have furniture that is difficult to transport or difficult to lift and do you need it to be transported by professional movers? That is possible with our furniture transport services. We offer furniture transport services for both private and business customers. This means that you can choose to carry out your move yourself and only hire our movers for the packing and transporting of difficult items, such as your refrigerator, aquarium or piano.

Curious about the cost of moving assistance?

  1. Be informed of the cost of moving assistance within one day
  2. Reliable indication of the costs
  3. Stress-free moving with experienced movers

Other moving assistance

You can also opt for a removal van with a driver only, or hire removal assistance for moving special furniture, such as an antique cabinet, a piano or a washing machine. We also have furniture elevators for rent. One of our employees will operate the elevator for you.

High quality removal materials

Student Verhuis Service is known for its outstanding service and high customer satisfaction. This is only possible by using high quality removal materials. This guarantees that your belongings will arrive at their destination safely, quickly and without delay. When you use the services of Student Verhuis Service you can always count on our first-class movers that are 100% committed to providing you with the best service!

In need of moving assistance?

If you need (extra) moving assistance, you have come to the right place. We are also there for you when you have hurt your back at the last moment, or when your friends haven’t shown up to help you, or simply because you want the moving process to go faster. Ask us about the possibilities of hiring moving assistance in Amsterdam and elsewhere. So, wherever you need help moving, our removal teams are at your service:

Don’t see the name of your city, town or village? Don’t worry, we operate nationwide. Whether you need us for your move in the city (for example as movers Rotterdam) or as movers in a village (for example as movers Pijnacker): we will be happy to take care of it for you!

What does moving assistance cost?

Moving assistance doesn’t have to cost that much extra and it will pay off! A quick move, extra hands and less stress. Our movers work on the basis of an hourly rate and can therefore be hired to suit your requirements and budget. You can find the rates of our moving assistance services on our rates page or contact Student Verhuis Service. We look forward to be of assistance to you!

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  2. Reduce the stress and hassle, hire a good removal company
  3. High-quality removal company with a lot of experience
Calculate immediately how much your move will cost