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Are you looking for a professional and cheap moving company in Leiden? Do not look any further: Student Moving Service is the moving service in Leiden you are looking for.

Student Verhuis Service is a moving company operating on a weekly basis in Leiden to move individuals and companies. This often involves removals within the city limits of Leiden, but we also carry out removals to and from Leiden on a regular basis.

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For all your moves

Speed and quality are of utmost importance to Student Verhuis Service. By working efficiently, we are also known as a cheap moving company in Leiden. Are you curious whether we are the cheapest for your move? We work as a removal company in Amsterdam, but we also carry out many removals in other places (like Leiden or as moving company in Utrecht).

Student Verhuis Service has extensive experience in various types of removals.

For example, some streets in downtown Leiden consist of upstairs houses and narrow streets. This means that there is little space to move your belongings. However, thanks to our experienced movers and professional equipment we are also able to carry out such removals quickly and qualitatively!

You can also come to us for moving furniture that is hard to move. For instance expensive pianos or an aquarium that needs to be moved several floors.

In addition, we do not only move private individuals, but we are also active as a moving company in Leiden with business removals. With every move we will make an inventory of your wishes so we can help you and offer you a suitable move!

Flexible moving company Leiden

A move generally costs a lot of money. We can imagine that you would rather keep this money in your pocket. That is why we offer a flexible approach. Obviously without saying that you can already move part of your household effects before we take the move out of your hands. This reduces the costs for you and on top of that you can already put your belongings in the right place in your new home.

In addition, we are also available as a moving service in the weekends and even in the evenings! Moreover, you can also contribute during our work. Depending on the number of movers you provide, our costs will be lower. We will deduct this directly in the price of the move! Depending on the work that you already do, we can offer you a more attractive rate for our moving service in Leiden.

Moreover, our movers are happy to think along with you during the move. For example when the move takes just a little more time than actually intended. In those cases we are happy to take an extra step to move your belongings quickly and safely to the new location in Leiden or in the surroundings of Leiden.

Are you curious about the costs of your move? Calculate the costs for your move in Leiden directly with the application form! With this form you will have a reliable indication of your moving costs within a few minutes. On the same day you will receive a customized quote which you can use as a comparison with the other moving companies in Leiden.

Our services

Student Verhuis Service offers you a comprehensive service: we take care of removals and related matters in a professional way, but for a student price. In Leiden, but also in other cities, you can come to us for:

  • Private removals
  • Business removals
  • Senior removals
  • Rush removals
  • Home evictions
  • Moving assistance
  • Moving elevator rental
  • Buy or rent moving boxes
  • Other services, such as car transport, cleaning and logistics advice

Why people choose Student Verhuis Service

Over 100,000 satisfied customers from 23+ countries
Rated with 4.8 stars out of 6300+ reviews
Safe and insured moving up to €2,500,000
The best price/quality ratio for 14 years
40 spacious and clean moving vans
Certified and highly skilled movers

Cheap removals through efficiency and flexibility

The flexibility mentioned above allows us to significantly reduce your costs. In combination this means that we work quickly and professionally as a removal company in Leiden and surroundings, but above all it means that we can stay cheap.

Student Verhuis Service often comes out as the cheapest moving company when multiple quotations are compared.

With our interactive request form you will immediately see an estimate of the costs of your move.
On the same day we will send you a free quote with a human estimate and possible explanation.
Choose up to 30% discount on your moving day

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Based on this form we can immediately give you a reliable price indication of the moving costs for your move in, to and from Leiden. With the application form you can also calculate how cheap your move in other Dutch cities is with Student Verhuis Service. We are very cheap as for instance moving company Delft, moving company Rotterdam or moving company Zoetermeer. Whether you stay in the neighborhood and are looking for a moving company Haarlem or by moving from Leiden from Leiden to the major cities in the Netherlands. Like a removal company in Rotterdam or a removal service in Den Haag : Student Verhuis Service is your moving partner.

The form is completely non-binding and is an indication based on our experience with moving in Leiden. After filling out the form you can expect a final quote from us within 24 hours with the exact costs for your move.

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