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A complete removal is expensive. It does not stop with the moving service. The removal service is only a small part of the total removal. However, as a professional moving company in Amsterdam we are specialised in that part of the removal process. But what does a removal company cost?

Moving company costs: our rates

What movers cost is in our opinion nothing to be secretive about, although on the contrary, there is very little information on the internet about what a removal with a removal company really costs.

Read more below and get an answer to the question: What does it cost to move with a removal company? You will also find examples of different types of removals with corresponding price indications.

Are you curious about more detailed information on our rates? Then take a look at our rates page!

Our attractive rates

Mover: €32,50 /h
Handyman: €40,-/h
Moving van: €35,-/h
Moving lift: €30,-/h
Fuel: €0,94/km

Moving company costs: Call-out charges

It’s not strange that call-out charges are made during a move. Often there will be at least two movers during the move and the costs of these movers have to be settled. At Student Moving Service, however, we have a rule that no moving costs are charged for moves within the city limits of Amsterdam. As a moving company in Amsterdam we take care of these costs.

When you request a quotation from a removal company, it is a good idea to ask whether the costs for driving to the destination can be provided. This way you can make a good comparison with the costs of other removal companies. Especially when you leave the region (for example when moving from Rotterdam to North Holland) it is good to take this into account because the call-out charges are a large part of the total removal costs.

Wherever in the Netherlands you are looking for a moving company: the experienced movers of Student Verhuis Service are at your service. For instance, we are at your service as a moving company Rotterdam and as a moving company The Hague.

What do movers cost?

The movers or porters themselves are the biggest cost item at most removals. Employees are often charged per hour by the moving companies. This is also the case with Student Moving Service. When requesting a moving quote an indication is made of the number of hours the movers will be needed. When you help moving yourself, those hours will be included as well. Of course, you do not have to pay for these hours. This way you keep the moving costs low and you can move cheaply.

At Student Moving Service we have one clear rate for a mover. This is a transparent hourly rate. This way you can see from the quotation what the final costs for the move will be. This also applies to the costs of the move. Because we can give you the most accurate indication possible, you will have a clear picture of the possible costs in advance. These may still vary if it turns out afterwards that the move has taken more or less time.

TIPS: Limiting the costs of a removal

A move from Student Moving Service is a professional move for a student price. Although our prices are already low, we offer you some possibilities to move even cheaper. So are you still shocked by what movers cost? Follow these tips to reduce the costs of your move.

Tip #1: Ask friends and family for help

Every extra helper that helps out on moving day will reduce the cost of your move.

Do you find it difficult to ask your friends and family for help? Read our blog with 5 tips to use your friends and family as moving helpers!

Tip #2: Move during the week

If you want to move cheaply, choose to move on a weekday. In the weekend we are forced to charge a surcharge, just like other moving companies. So moving company costs are lower when you move on a weekday.

Tip #3: Arrange the (de)assembly of furniture and the necessary tools yourself

By disassembling large pieces of furniture at the old address and assembling them at the new address yourself, you will save a lot of money compared to the removal company.

Tip #4: Rent moving boxes instead of buying them

If you are moving house, you will need moving boxes. You can also save money by renting moving boxes instead of buying them. Student Moving Service offers solid moving boxes that you return to us after use. You can rent an average moving box for a fifth of the price!

Tip #5: Pack your furniture yourself

By packing everything yourself, you not only save money because the moving costs are lower. Experience shows that it is nice to fill the boxes yourself and to mark them so that you know where everything is.

Tip #6: Move small items in advance yourself

In the run-up to the move, you will probably already travel to your new home several times. By taking items with you during these visits, the movers of the moving company will not have to make an extra trip.

Why choose a recognised removal company versus an unrecognised removal company?

The removal costs charged by a recognised removal company are significantly higher than those charged by an unrecognised removal company. In many cases the difference is 30-50%! A recognized removal company generally has much higher costs due to:

  • Contribution to the organisation;
  • CO2-neutral moving (by means of compensation of CO2 emissions);
  • Higher personnel costs;
  • Less flexibility;
  • Recognised removal companies are obliged to have storage space. The costs of this are often passed on in the costs of the removal company.

So, there are advantages to moving with Recognised Movers, but the question is whether these advantages also outweigh the significantly lower price that other removal companies charge for the same work.

Student Moving Service also offers you a quality move:

  • We only work with good, internally trained personnel;
  • (Temporary) storage under our own management is also possible;
  • Our work is flexible because of our large staff and our great experience and we do not shy away from removals that have to meet special requirements;
  • We are also aware of our impact on the environment. This is reflected, for example, in our use of trailers, which enable us to transport more household effects in one trip;
  • With us, your move is also insured.

How much does a removal firm cost? Examples of removal costs

Are you curious about the removal company costs for your move? Below we give you some indication of removal costs for different types of removals.

All rate indications mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

Removal 1: Sidewalk to pavement

Details of this move:

The move literally starts and stops at the pavement: no houses are entered.

  • Distance to be covered: 25 km
    1 moving van

Indication of costs for the removal company for this removal:

  • for 1,5 hour with 1 mover: between 100 and 140 euro (80 to 120 British pound)
  • for 2 hours with 2 movers: between 170 and 220 euro (140 to 190 British pound)

Move 2: Low budget small

Data for this move:

  • Contents to be moved: 15m3
  • Distance to be covered: 25 km
  • You pack your own belongings for transport
  • 2 movers
  • 1 moving van

Indication of costs for a mover for this move

  • for 3,5 hours: between 280 and 340 euros

Move 3: Low budget small with lots of stairs

Details of this move:

  • A lot of stairs means for example that you are moving to or from a higher floor (contact us for specific information about your move)
  • Contents to be moved: 15m3
  • Distance to be covered: 25 km
  • You pack your own transport worthy
  • 2 movers
  • 1 moving van

Indication of costs for the moving company for this move

  • for 4,5 hours: between 340 and 410 euros

Relocation 4: Low budget normal

Data for this move:

  • Contents to be moved: 40m3
  • Distance to be covered: 25 km
  • You pack your own transport worthy
  • 2 movers
  • 2 moving vans

Indication costs moving company Student Moving Service for this move:

  • for 8 hours: between 790 and 860 euro

Relocation 5: Full service (packing) small

Data for this move:

  • Contents to be moved: 15m3
    Our movers will pack your household goods for transport
    You do the (dis)assembly yourself
    2 movers
    1 moving van

Estimate of moving company costs for this move

  • Day 1 (packing): between 280 and 340 euros
  • Distance to be covered: 10 km
  • Transport of the movers you pay only 50% on this day
  • 4 hours
  • Day 2 (moving): between 770 and 840 euro
  • Distance to be covered: 25 km
  • 5 hours
  • Total price for 2 days: between 1050 and 1180 euro
  • Moving 6: Full service (packing and disassembling) normal

Data for this move:

  • Contents to be moved: 40m3
  • Our movers will pack your household contents for transportation
  • (The movers will assemble and disassemble your furniture for you

Indication of costs for the movers Student Moving Service for this move:

Day 1 (packing): between 480 and 550 Euros

  • Distance to be covered: 10 km
  • Number of movers: 3
  • Number of movers: 1
  • Transport of the movers you only pay 50% on this day
  • 5 hours

Day 2 (moving and assembly): between 890 and 970 euro

  • Distance to be covered: 25 km
  • Number of movers: 4
  • Number of moving vans: 2
  • 6 hours
  • Tools for (dis)assembly are included
  • Total price for 2 days: between 1370 and 1520 euro

Curious about what your own move will cost?

Good news: on our website you can calculate within 5 minutes what your move will cost. For this purpose we have a unique online price calculator. The above average moving costs are also calculated with this price calculator.

Calculating the costs of your removal is easy: you fill in field for field and click on the button ‘Calculate’ at the bottom of the form. Next, you will see how long it takes to load and unload and how many movers are needed for your move. Based on these data the form will calculate your average moving cost, which you will see immediately.

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