Tips to make your house moving experience as stress and incident free as possible

Packing Tips

Start to pack well in advance of the moving date. Nothing is worse than realizing you still have to pack half of your belongings the night before departure! Use cardboard moving boxes to store and transport your possessions in, they are sturdy, can hold up to twenty kilo’s and their square shape makes them ideal for stacking and transportation. We advise not filling the boxes to more than 75% of their capacity. This will ensure they remain intact and that the handles-holes are not blocked from the inside.

If you can, try to pack room by room. This will allow you to rapidly unpack all your stuff at your new house without having to sort through all your boxes. You could even write a short summary of what is in each box, this means you can locate important and or small items quickly.

Moving fragile and or valuable items

Fragile items should be sufficiently wrapped for transport before you start moving. We advise using Styrofoam, bubble wrap or even a large cloth. It is best to keep all your personal documents and important items such as your passport, driving license, keys and medical details in a separate place to avoid losing them.

Moving your refrigerator and washing machine

It is wise to turn off your refrigerator 24 hours prior to transporting it. This will give the cooling liquid time to settle and will also allow you to defrost your freezer.

Make sure your washing machine is disconnected from the water supply and that there is no water still in the machine. This will prevent leaking during transportation that can damage your possessions. It is best to tie the water-hose to the machine itself, with the nozzle pointing upwards.

Moving furniture

We advise deconstructing as much of your furniture as possible. This will save both parties a lot of time and also make lifting, carrying and transporting the furniture a whole lot easier.