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To successfully complete your move, the use of good, sturdy and high-quality moving materials and equipment is essential. This will prevent damage to your belongings and allow you to move your belongings from A to B faster and more efficiently. Whether you carry out the move yourself or outsource it completely, Student Moving Service, the cheapest moving service in Amsterdam, will always provide you with good moving equipment. Read more about the different moving equipment available for rent or sale through Student Moving Service.

Optimal protection
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Rent or buy moving materials?

If you are planning to move soon, it is important to think about what moving materials and equipment you will need. Do you want to do everything yourself or will you enlist the help of a professional? If you opt for the latter, it is wise to choose a moving service that also allows you to hire or buy good, sturdy equipment. This way, you can be sure that your belongings will be in good hands during the move and everything will arrive safely at the new place.

The advantage of renting moving materials is that it will cost you less and you will not be stuck with items you may never use again. We are aware of this and have therefore chosen to rent all our materials. For example, you can rent moving boxes and return them after the move. When you buy moving materials, you pay more, but then all the material is your property. So both options have their advantages. Would you like to know which moving materials are available for rent through Student Moving Service? Below, you can find equipment that will make your move a success

Hire moving boxes

Moving boxes are one of the most important moving materials you will need for moving your belongings. By using moving boxes, it becomes possible to move your belongings safely, in addition, all our different types of moving boxes are highly stackable, so you don’t have to worry that they will slide or fall over in the moving van. Using supermarket boxes is strongly advised against, as they are all different sizes and therefore difficult to stack. Also, the quality of supermarket boxes is not comparable to that of moving boxes.

We recommend ordering your moving boxes early in the moving process. You can rent moving boxes, but you can also buy moving boxes from Student Moving Service.

You can rent or buy three types of moving boxes from Student Moving Service:

  • Removal boxes
  • Book boxes
  • Wardrobe moving boxes (clothing moving boxes)

Removal vans (XL or normal)

Once everything is packed, the real moving starts. All moving boxes and belongings have to be put in the removal van. Student Verhuis Service has modern and spacious moving vans at its disposal. All our removal vans have a tailboard, which means that heavy furniture and other items can be driven into the van without difficulty. To get large, heavy items into the truck, we use dolly and/or roll containers. Our furniture transport service makes sure that the large items of furniture are placed on these dollys and thus easily driven into the removal van via the tailgate. All our moving vans are well maintained, so delays due to breakdowns are almost non-existent. Student Moving Service is also the right choice for business furniture transport.

It is possible to hire only a moving van for your move. In that case, you will always receive one mover from Student Moving Service to help you load, drive and unload the van.

Hire a moving lift

A lot of Amsterdam residents live in upstairs flats, which often makes moving a lot more complex. With the help of a moving lift, Student Moving Service will assist you in moving your belongings to the moving van quickly and professionally.

Moving from an upstairs flat? Do not try to get your large furniture down a stairwell, as this can damage your belongings and it can also cost you your back. Hire a moving lift and quickly move all your belongings downstairs. Renting a removal lift via Student Moving Service includes a lift operator. This experienced mover will help you expertly move your belongings to or from an upper floor.

Read more about renting a moving lift on our specific page.

Moving blankets for optimal protection

Student Moving Service uses good thick moving blankets to protect your household effects and furniture during the move. Moving blankets have two different sides, a soft side and a slightly coarser side. The soft side is for optimal protection of your furniture. When used correctly, your household effects will arrive at their destination undamaged and clean.

Packing and protection material

In addition to the aforementioned moving materials and equipment, Student Moving Service can also provide you with protective materials such as:

  • Mattress covers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper towels
  • Tape

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for another type of packing material not listed on our page.

When moving house, don’t skimp on good moving materials, as these can ensure your belongings from arriving in your new home unscathed. Using good packing materials will also ensure that you get all your belongings to their destination efficiently and quickly.

Costs of moving materials

Our movers who come with the moving lift and moving van work on an hourly rate basis. Most things depend on your move. For example, call-out costs play a role, but the size of the removal van needed is also important. You can decide which tasks you take on yourself and which you outsource, and we also have special rates for various times of the week.

For exact rates, please check our rates page or contact us.

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