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Strong moving boxes are of great importance when moving house. Good moving boxes made of sturdy material that are all the same size ensure that your belongings can be transported with great care. In addition, this reduces the risk of any damage.

As you often need large quantities of moving boxes to transport your entire household effects, the price per box also plays an important role. That is why Student Removal Service has moving boxes for rent and for sale. If the boxes are returned to us undamaged, we will simply refund the deposit paid in advance. You can order additional moving boxes at any time.

Student Moving Service offers the service of having the moving boxes delivered to your home.

Various moving boxes for sale and rental

Student Moving Service has three different types of moving boxes for different types of household contents. For example, moving boxes are available especially for:

  • Books
  • Clothing
  • All kinds of household effects

By using the different types of moving boxes, your move can be carried out as efficiently as possible. The movers can work in a structured way and can see at a glance that they are dealing with heavy book boxes or fragile items of clothing.

Please note that book moving boxes and regular moving boxes are available for purchase as well as for rent from Student Moving Service. We only offer the wardrobe boxes for sale.

Normal moving boxes (48x32x36 cm)

This moving box is the most common type. This ‘normal’ moving box is for all kinds of things and is designed in such a way that it can hold a lot, but is still liftable. It is important here that moving boxes are filled up to the handle and not above. It is also advisable to use moving boxes of the same type and size so that they can be stacked properly in the moving van. If you use different boxes, you run the risk of the moving boxes sliding or falling over during the journey. As a result, damage may occur to your belongings.

Features of these moving boxes:

  • Strong material
  • Lots of space inside the box
  • Sufficient space for making notes on the box

Book moving boxes (48x32x22 cm)

Book moving boxes are lower in height than regular moving boxes. These half-filled moving boxes take up a lot of space in the moving van. By using the special book moving box, the space in the moving van can be filled efficiently and the movers can see at a glance that it is a heavy book moving box.

Wardrobe moving box, clothes moving box

Moving is not good for your fragile clothes! Often a lot of dust is released during a move, which is not good for your wardrobe. If clothes are transported loose in open bags or sacks, they can be damaged. Besides, you don’t want some garments to have to be folded, which is why special moving boxes for clothes are available. These clothes moving boxes are fitted with a rod where there is space for approximately 20-30 clothes hangers. This wardrobe moving box offers you the safest way to transport your clothes.

Buy or rent moving boxes

Through Student Moving Service, you can easily order the desired moving boxes via the Internet. These moving boxes can be bought or rented. For as little as €0.50, you can rent a strong, high-quality moving box from us. You pay a €2.50 deposit per box, which is refunded as soon as the moving boxes are returned to us in good condition. All boxes, with the exception of the clothing removal boxes, can be either bought or rented. Our moving boxes for clothes are only for sale.


It is possible to have the moving boxes delivered to your home for €35 (excluding fuel costs) so you can start packing right away. If you live outside Amsterdam, we charge a rate of €35 (excluding fuel costs) per hour for the time our employee is on the road delivering the moving boxes (with a minimum of one hour). We charge these same rates for collecting the moving boxes from your home.

If the borrowed boxes have to be picked up again by us, we ask you to reply to the order confirmation you received from us. This will give us all the information we need. Please indicate in your e-mail on which date, time and location the moving boxes have to be collected.

Self pick-up and return

Besides delivery, you can of course also choose to collect the required removal materials yourself from our warehouse located at H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 159 in Amsterdam. We are open 7 days a week between 10:00 and 18:00 for this purpose. It is always handy to call in advance.

Other moving equipment

Student Moving Service recommends packing fragile items extra well protected before placing them in the moving box. In our moving box order form, you can also order the other moving materials with it, such as bubble wrap, tableware paper or mattress protectors. Don’t skimp on the protective material, as using good protective material will prevent damage to your beloved tableware or precious glassware.

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